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Pre-Register for our Kid and Teens Classes at BJJS (Carryduff)

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BJJS Schools Belfast Kids and Teens - Carryduff (4)
In the next few weeks we are re-opening our Kids and Teen’s (6-14) programme. We believe BJJ is the ideal sport/self defence system for our kids as it teaches them to safely control a fight or alteraction. Further, sport BJJ provides a fun and healthy competitive arena where our kids can test their skills, meet new people and gain valuable experience.
Our programmes were specially designed to teach the technical skills of BJJ, while allowing kids to experience and understand core values like focus, discipline, persistence, self-confidence, co-operation and respectSo register your interest today, and enjoy:
  1. Top-class coaching with highly-experienced instructors
  2. Access to effective BJJ techniques for sport and self-defence
  3.   Fun, sociable and positive environment!
  4. A sport that offers the opportunity to compete and test mental and physical skills
Our programmes are split into two age groups:
  • Kids (6-8 Years Old),
  • Teens (8-14 years old).
Register your interest to start your child’s BJJ journey.
Our numbers are capped to ensure you get the best instruction.
BJJS Schools Belfast Kids and Teens - Carryduff (4)
BJJS Schools Belfast Kids and Teens - Carryduff (4)