February 10, 2018


Registration and Insurance

Every student who takes to the mat at BJJ School Belfast must be registered, even for a single session.  Please click here to complete the process (opens in new window).

Note: if you are on a free trial or intend to PAYG for classes, then please choose ‘Free Membership’. 

How do I book into classes?

Once you have set up your Coacha account you can book into classes by visiting https://my.coacha.app or downloading the Coacha app on Android or Apple App Store.  Free Trial members can choose the ‘Pre Paid £7’ option to book in.

Class costs

To sign up for direct debit payments, please click on the desired programme below.  All payments are processed securely (we don’t have access to your details!) on behalf of BJJ School Belfast by GoCardless. Payments are taken on the day you sign up and every month.  We offer a pay-as-you-train option, but offer substantial discounts for students who pay by direct debit.  We do not have any contracts, and students are free to cancel at any time.

What if I can’t afford to pay, or I am a student, work shifts or more than two people from my household train? 

If you are from a low-income household or cannot afford to pay any increase then there is a concessionary rate, this applies to direct debits and drop-in fees.  All you need to do is approach one of the instructors and you will get sorted, no questions asked.  

Similarly, if you work a shift pattern or have two members from the same household training then you will be offered a significantly discounted rate.  You will not be penalised. To set this up just get in touch.


Pay-As-You-Train (Adults)
Full Membership
All Gi classes, No-Gi and Open Mats. Includes Foundation and Advanced Classes and includes FREE UKBJJA Insurance.
28 classes per month
*no contract*

Kids’ and Teens’

Pay-As-You-Train (Kids' + Teens')
Kids' and Teen's Programme
Black belt instruction with 8 classes per month!
*no contract*
Kids' and Teen's Programme - Two Family Members
Unlimted classes for x2 children.
Kids' and Teen's Programme - Three Family Members Plus
Unlimted classes for 3+ children from the same family.
Discounted Rate for members
Unlimited Kids' classes with a discounted rate for parents who are BJJ School Belfast students.

How do I sign up more than one child?

 If you have more than one child training we offer a substantial family discount. Please contact us for a custom plan.

What if I’m injured?

If you’re injured, or your circumstances change, then contact us.

What if I join up in the middle of the month? 

You will be charged the pro-rata discounted rate.

Do i need a gi?

You can buy a discounted gi from us, we supply a range of gis from Tatami fightwear.  We do not have a uniform requirement.